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Listen to the Lights 2024

Videos of our show

We are sharing these amateur videos of our 2021 Listen to the Lights show for your enjoyment. It is challenging to capture videos of bright lights flashing quickly and changing in the dark, so some of the effects are not as clear as in person. The videos do not completely display the experience or beauty of our show, so we highly recommend you see it in person if you get the chance. 


Here are some interesting facts about our show. The light display is 100 feet wide. The center tree is 25 feet tall, and the two trees on each end are 14 feet tall. There are approximately 13,000 lights on the models, and the matrix (screen) on the right side has an additional 100,000 lights. A powerful show computer connected to a high-speed data network is dedicated to driving the show. Almost one mile of power and data cables are used to push the signal to each item. We estimate each song takes around 40 hours to set the light effects to the music. This is all done by hand so there are hundreds of hours in sequencing songs to the display. Each model (tree, arch, star) was hand-built by our staff. We have thousands of hours and zip ties in the building and support of the show. 


It is a labor of love for our company and staff. We hope you are able to see it in person and enjoy it as much as we enjoy providing it for the community.  


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Disclaimer: Videos and audio are provided for informational purposes. To best experience the quality of the songs provided in our show, we recommend you purchase the music for each performer.  SDS Technology provides the show to the community as a free service and we have no rights to publish any of the music we use. You will hear various background noise not part of the show.

The following videos are used as introductions and light hearted fillers between sequences.

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