Door locks, sprinklers, and insurance keep the building safe but what about your network and data?

Billions of dollars are spent every year on home security to keep our families safe, but what about your business?


The Internet is a fast-moving stream of data, connected to millions of people, robots, and other businesses. When our businesses are connected to the Internet, our information becomes available to advertisers, hackers, foreign governments, and our competitors.


A basic firewall will lower the 'visible attack surface' of your network, but to really protect your business, you need much more. Let the trusted advisors at SDS create a customized network security system to meet your companies needs.

Security Risk Assessment


With the SDS Network Security Risk Assessment, our senior networking consultants will launch a mock attack on your systems, from outside of the network as well as inside. What we find will astound you. A well-trained attacker needs only one single vulnerability to gain access to your precious data. Our Risk assessment will help reduce the available attack surface of your organization.

A full-color, detailed report will await you when we finish; with an executive summary delivered and explained in-person.

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Sandboxing lets us create a tightly controlled location for guest WIFI and test programs to run on your network or system. This limits their ability to access the host system and search for information or vulnerabilities, effectively quarantining them and protecting your network.  


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Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus

Is your networks security package as strong as it should be? With the threats today growing stronger and more damaging you can't afford to risk your companies' information not to mention any down time a possible breach may cause. SDS partners with the best security providers in the industry so that we can help protect your time and information.


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Sonicwall Partner


Don't just detect breaches, prevent them with Sonicwall firewalls and award-winning security solutions. Stop ransomware, encrypted threats and phishing attacks; over not only wired but also wireless networks.


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Network Compliance

Compliance with the IT security requirements for HIPAA, GLB and SOX each contain several common steps to be taken. Our technicians can help you protect your sensitive and confidential data, even when not required by law.


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