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Windows 10 End of Life

What you need to know!

On October 14, 2025, Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 10. The official End of Life (EOL) date is more than two years away, but you need to begin planning for it now. What is different this time? The new Windows 11 operating system will only run on systems which meet  specific hardware requirements. You will need to manage your inventory of Windows-based computers over the next two years to have current/updated systems by the end of life.

What this means

  • After October 14, 2025, Microsoft will no longer provide support for new errors, bugs, exploits or hacks which develop, exposing your computers to serious security risk.

  • These frequent updates released by Microsoft are necessary to fix errors and patch security vulnerabilities which are constantly changing and evolving.

  • No support releases means if your Windows computer is attached to the internet it will no longer be secure (regardless of any supplemental protection such as antivirus software).

  • Windows 11 is a more secure operating system than all previous versions. Click Here!

Affected Systems

  • Win. 10 Home & Pro - No Monthly security updates or fixes after May 2023. Updates will be released at Microsoft's discretion.

  • Win. 10 Enterprise & Education - No Monthly security updates or fixes after May 2024. Updates will be released at Microsoft's discretion.

  • Certain software and hardware may not be compatible (ie: proprietary programs, printers, production equipment)

What can you do?

  • Check if your system can Upgrade to Windows 11 and proceed.  Click HERE for more information on Windows 11.

  • Contact us here at SDS. We would be glad to help.

Check computer for Windows 11 compatability

  • On your Windows 10 system, check if computers are Win 11 compatible by going to :  Start>Settings>Update & Security. You will see a message if your system is not compatible. 

  • Microsoft offers a Health Check tool which can help you determine if your system is eligible. Click Here to see the tool.

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